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Educational outreach cards for Activists

Hello. We are a collective of Occupy activists who came together in 2011 to produce educational outreach literature for the movement. Our project has been a tremendous success. We have sold over one million of our glossy, 4×6 info cards to people across the United States, who then hand them out in their local communities. This has helped raise awareness about the issues facing our country, particularly the corporate and monied interests who have stolen our government and who control the media and the elections.

The issues the Occupy movement raised are still valid today. Please consider getting involved! You can download and print hi-res versions of our cards yourself, or you can purchase glossy, card-stock versions from this website. (The text is on the back of each card.) Our prices are below what we pay to produce the cards, and thus we rely on donations to keep going. Unlike Wall Street, our finances are open and transparent.

Complete Set

Goldman Sachs

Corporate Personhood

Health Care

The Military I.C.

The Monetary System



The Prison I.C.

Climate Change

Wells Fargo

Drone Attacks

Student Debt






Tar Sands

Corporate Media

Public Banks

Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Surveillance State

Peak Oil


The Post Office